Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bag- a- lope

This is a little bagalope that I made using just an envelope, the leaf stamp from the set Best Wishes and More, and the tab punch. The way to make this is first seal the envelope and then stamp all over it. I used really rust, kiwi kiss and tangerine tango. You then cut off one inch from the short side of the envelope and score one inch of the other three sides. You will need to crease the score lines really well to get a good corner when it's open. You will then open the side that you cut and softly push down the bottom of the bag, the crease lines should show you where the folds will be. There will be the little "triangles ' sticking up, just glue them to the bottom of the bag and press them down so the bag stays flat.
The way I made the pumpkin was to cut five tabs and glue them together . I cut a small piece of old olive ribbon and glued it to the back of the pumpkin.Then just adhere the pumpkin to the bagalope and make a handle from a strip of cardstock and attach that with brads and you are done!

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