Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wild about you

What do you think of that adorable alligator (or crocodile) with the googlie eyeballs? I finally tried the tech of masking. I am using the brayer for my club this month and I love how this turned out with the Wild About You stamp set.

I tried to make the scrap page both girlie and boyish so I think the purple and green combo will work for that.

For this tech all you need is a brayer, glossy paper ( I love this stuff), and a piece of computer paper that is ripped. The alligator/croc is versa marked on the glossy paper and it will resist the ink that you brayer over the glossy paper. Starting with the lightest color of ink, cover the glossy paper entirely with the ink and then put the comp paper where you like on the glossy paper and choose the next color (a little darker) and roll it on the paper. Continue to do this with as many colors as you like, just get a little darker each time.

I love the way this turned out and I hope my club will also.

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